The COMO Summit is a followup to the “Content Moderation And Removal At Scale Conference” held at Santa Clara Law in February 2018. The DC COMO Summit will further explore the vexing challenges that Internet platforms face in moderating content online. Recent phenomena like #deepfakes, Russian election interference, and extremist content are just some of the challenges that our experts will explore at COMO.  
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Marvin Ammori

Protocol Labs
General Counsel
Marvin Ammori is the General Counsel of Protocol Labs, Inc. Previously, he spent over a decade as an advocate for Internet freedom and privacy, including by leading the net neutrality fights of 2009 (Comcast-BitTorrent case) and 2015 (Title II victory). He has published widely on First Amendment matters, including in the Harvard Law Review and the New York Times. He serves on the Boards of Fight for the Future and Demand Progress. He began his career at the corporate law firm Kirkland & Ellis LLP and attended Harvard Law School.